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  • Bag No. SDB205

    Bag No. SDB205

    To fit models:

    Morphy Richards 70061, Handy Range, 70050,

    70001 to 70009, 70010 to 70019, 70020 to 70029,
    70030 to 70039, 70040 to 70050, 70062 ,70063, 70066, 70069, 70095

    70312, 70313, 70314, 70315, 70318, 73275-73277

    Domatic, Exclusive, Futura, Oko-Lux, Varia, 


  • Bag No. SDB210

    Bag No. SDB210

    To fit models:

    Morphy Richards 73111,
    Nilfisk Compact C10
    Vax VEC31

    Beaumark BM2020

    Daewoo RC450

  • Bag No. SDB227

    Bag No. SDB227

    To fit models:

    Swan SC3040, SC3030, SCH200


    Nilfisk: Bag Code:22300500

    Morphy Richards:
    70255, 73169 73164, 73168,
    73178 Essential Pets Mini 73179

    Goblin Topo Range:
    73154, 73155, 73156 73157, 73158, EP120 70080

    Daewoo; Fortis Range:
    RC7004F,RC7009F, RC705 to RC707
    RC105 to RC193, RC202 to RC210
    RC405 to RC450, RC505 to RC609

    Vax: VEC31, C91-MX, V076, VS03

    Sanyo: SC Series
    SC34a & SC35a SC53a, SC65a, SC68a SC33 to SC37C
    SC65 to SC93 SC400 to SC410 SC600 to SC610 SC800 to SC870
    SC751, SCP8, SCT93 Mite, Mite Hunter, Chrome SC91 SC92 SCT93

  • Vacuum Cleaner Motor

    Vacuum Cleaner Motors

    Large Selection of Genuine and replacement motors in stock.

    Please send us your model number for a price of a replacement motor.

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